How many sessions will I need?

Each client is unique, there is no set rule to the amount of sessions you will need. However 6 - 8 sessions is a good number to work towards initially, with the option of continuing if you and your counsellor feel it is appropriate.

Will the information I give to the Counsellor be completely confidential?
Your counsellor adheres to The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists ( BACP ) Code of Ethics, which means that anything that is discussed within your counselling session is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Only in certain circumstances, which would always be fully explained at your first meeting, would a counsellor be obliged to disclose information to a third party.
Where counselling sessions take place
I have a counselling room in my house, which is completely private, and has been professionally fitted out to a high standard. There is freely available parking on the street.
How long does each session last?
Each session will last for 50 minutes.
I've got so much on my mind at the moment, so much worrying me, I'm concerned that I won't know where to start?
Many clients feel like this at the begining of their counselling. Your Counsellor will support you from the start, to enable you to find the space to explore your concerns and to help you identify the root of your problems.
I really want to come for counselling, but because I don't know how many sessions I will need I'm concerned about the cost.?
I try to be as flexible as possible with charges and am happy to discuss this with you at our first meeting. Sometimes fortnightly counselling rather than weekly can be a way of keeping the cost down.

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